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Our Story

Horsham Brewery Company beginnings came from two local residents, one of whom had been an enthusiastic home brewer for a number of years and the other an enthusiastic real ale drinker.

Both had a really strong desire to bring back craft brewing to their local community.  

After 12 months of searching for premises.  We managed to find a site in central Horsham, which was important to us as we wanted to be in the heart of the local community.  We took occupancy in February 2021 and started selling to local pubs and opened our tap room in early June.

To further enforce the importance of Horsham to us.  We are naming all our beers after locations or places in the Horsham district.

Our logo represents a beer barrel and our three core principles of Community, Creativity and Craftmanship. Together we want to build a sustainable long term brewery and tap room for all to enjoy.

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